Safe, Fun, Interactive Comedy

My comedy hypnosis show is non-stop entertainment from beginning to end. This show is designed to wow and amaze your audience, keeping them on the edge of their seat laughing for more. I am a world class entertainer who brings dozens of volunteers on stage to be the stars of the show, ensuring that they have one of the best nights they might not remember! Safety is the most important thing in my performance. Everything I do is centered around the volunteers, and the audience, having a great time while remaining safe.

Great for Corporate Parties!​

A comedy hypnosis show is a great addition to any corporate event. Whether you are hosting a holiday party, a team building exercise, or are just looking to add something fun and exciting to your next meeting, nothing tops the fun and excitement you will get with a comedy hypnosis show.

Safe and Fun Entertainment for Graduation/Prom Lock-ins or parties!

My show is designed to work with any event. The content is ALWAYS PG and safe for any event. I perform dozens of shows each year for high school after prom parties and graduation lock-ins. At every event, the hypnosis show is always the highlight and most talked about activity of the evening. Safety is my number one priority and everything I do on stage ensures my volunteers stay safe.

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