Jonathan Yeager

Why Hypnosis?

My comedy hypnosis show is unlike anything you have ever seen.  Everything in my show is intended to entertain my audience. 

The most fun you might not remember!

Everyone has wondered if hypnosis is real.  In fact, most people have wondered if they, themselves, can be hypnotized.  The truth is if you can learn, you can be hypnotized!

You're getting sleepy!

Whether your planning a graduation party, corporate event, or private function, a comedy hypnosis show will be a hit!

About Me

Jonathan Yeager: Hypnotist

I am a professional hypnotist who performs comedy hypnosis shows all over the country. I have performed for high school graduations, fund raisers, social events, parties and more. My shows are funny, friendly, and encourage audience participation. Everything that I do is intended to entertain, and to ensure both the volunteers on stage and the audience are having a great time. No one will leave the show without having a great time and everyone will be talking about the show for months after.

I am also able to perform what is called street hypnosis. This is where I literally walk up to a group of people, introduce myself as a hypnotist, and go right into hypnotizing people in the group. There is no stage, no setup, just a very fun and informal hypnosis “skit”. I have done this at bars, parks, clubs, and even in the hour or so before a scheduled stage show.


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